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Well I will just come right out and say that I do not currently LIVE in The South.  But I was born and raised there.  And that makes me a Southern Girl for the rest of my life.  So “This Little Ditty – Stories of a Southern Girl” may be more aptly named “This Little Ditty – Stories of a Southern Girl living in Long Beach, California”.  But that’s too long and not at all catchy.

So from here on out it is my goal to write a Little Ditty every day.  Notice that I said it is my Goal.  I am the mother of three boys, after all.  And I want your expectations of this blog to be realistic.

‘What has driven you to do this thing, Christi?’ you may ask.  Excellent question.  I have recently embarked upon what my husband and I laughingly refer to as my mid-life crisis.  After raising three boys, working in banking, office management and teaching a little dance here and there, I have realized that what I really love is language.  I love reading it.  I love writing it.  I love telling tales and expanding mine and my boys’ vocabularies.  And I want to do something with that.

I have written several stories for children that are not published.  But a girl can dream, can’t she?  And I so loved writing the things that I needed to find a way to write more.  This is where my sweet husband comes in.  He has a web-development firm *PLUG* *PLUG* and is the master of all things web-related.  So it seemed perfect for me to blog my writing.  Don’t you think?

A quick heads-up….I will be writing whatever comes to mind each day.  It may be a story.  Or a poem.  Or some silly thing one of the boys has done.  So it will not be polished, but it should be fun.  I am very excited to start.  And I’m pleased as punch to have you along for the ride.

3 Responses to “The Blog”

  1. Laurie Young 13 April 2010 at 2:21 pm #

    Hi Christi!

    It was so nice to meet you at Writer’s Day on Saturday (we sat together at lunch, I am writing the mid-grade novel?) I just wanted to stop by your blog and say, “hi” and keep writing!


  2. christi 13 April 2010 at 2:31 pm #

    Yes Laurie! It was great meeting you too. I hope the rest of your day was a success. I just loved hearing both Kathleen O’Dell and Libba Bray – the highlights of my day!
    And thanks for coming by to visit my blog….You’re welcome any time!

  3. Lois Keller 1 September 2010 at 11:05 am #

    Hi Christi,
    We met at the parking outside the hotel briefly at the conference this summer. I thought we looked like sisters…Anyway, wonderful blog and ambition. Keep it up, keep dreaming and hope to run into you again.

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