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New Year’s Eve

Posted on 31. Dec, 2009 by in December

The clock on the wall in my living room is ticking away the last hour of 2009. The year my Jacob lived his dream. The year my Lucas found his groove. The year my Micah tickled me pink. The year my husband cheered me on. The year I hesitated.  And then leaped. My champagne glass […]

How Now?

Posted on 30. Dec, 2009 by in December

How can he love her When she steals the covers? Her feet are cold. She’s getting old. She panics, she hurries, She drowns in her worries. She won’t ask for help. She pushes herself. Her hair is frizzy. She makes him dizzy. He loves her, though. He loves her so.

House Warming

Posted on 29. Dec, 2009 by in December

Micah’s little hand rests upon the back of his Granddaddy’s neck. Lucas is stuck to his Mimi’s side like glue, talking a mile a minute. Jacob is beaming as he looks around the table at all seven of us, elbow to elbow. Jay is cracking jokes like they were pecans. My parents in my home […]

What’s in a Name?

Posted on 28. Dec, 2009 by in December, Favorites

Micah cannot say the ‘r’ sound at all.  Developmentally, the pediatrician says that could come as late as 6 years old, so I shouldn’t worry.  And I don’t for the most part.  Quite frankly, it is pretty darn cute the way he substitutes the ‘w’ sound in all of his words and in some ways […]

Write On

Posted on 27. Dec, 2009 by in December

When I made the decision to seriously devote myself to daily writing, I went into Jacob’s room and asked him if he had any paper or a pad that he could spare.  He had a spiral bound notebook that he gladly handed over to me.  I find it easier to organize my thoughts on paper, […]


Posted on 26. Dec, 2009 by in December

Guitars, cars and Legos some juggling balls a xylophone and socks. A cozy green sweater some measuring spoons journaling books and pens. Three days filled with family dear friends coming ’round exchanging hugs and cheer. Boys piled on the big couch their dad in between a movie plays they laugh. A moment to sit here […]

Christmas Haiku

Posted on 25. Dec, 2009 by in December

The Joy of Christmas Changes color as it leaps, Face to shining face.

The Calm

Posted on 24. Dec, 2009 by in December, Favorites

Other than the fact that Lucas is a little under the weather this morning, things are going smoothly.  Almost too smoothly.  This is evidenced by my ability to sit down at my computer and write this, rather than my usual Christmas Eve morning tradition of running around like a crazy person. The cat is in […]

Food, Glorious Food

Posted on 23. Dec, 2009 by in December, Favorites

My house is bursting at the seams with Christmas goodies.  Salwa’s baklava, Shannon and Todd’s toffee, Lauren’s cookies, Courtney’s pumpkin bread, the aforementioned Cherries, Sandy’s raisin-filled cookies, Lily’s gingerbread cookies, and the list goes on.  And yet I am baking a Chocolate Chess Pie today.  We are having a Mexican Fiesta tonight with friends.  And […]


Posted on 22. Dec, 2009 by in December

Menu planning Last minute buying Cleaning floors Red ribbon tying Baking goodies Children spying Polishing silver Time is flying Setting the table Laundry drying Stamping cards Catch myself crying House lit up Electrifying The Joy of Christmas Is all in the trying.